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The East Clwyd League

History of the East Clwyd League

In 1978, at one of the North Wales Swimming Association meetings, a suggestion was made that some form of League should be established in the regions to promote swimming. At this time very few competitions were being held and a need was seen to organise more.

Two North Wales delegates Jean Cunnah of Connah’s Quay and Ken Murphy of Flint set about organising such a league. In 1978 the first meeting of the East Clwyd League was held and set up the organisation we still know today. The first League galas were held 1978-79 and the first Championships were held in the 1979-80 season. This League has been important throughout the 40 years it has been in existence and continues today. A similar set up was organised by members from clubs over in the North West of Wales with a similar League which became known as Cymru Coast League.

The reason why the League is still so important today, as it was so many years ago, is it is the first stepping stone for most young swimmers in our clubs to compete. The Junior League is now held over three galas and a winning Club is decided on a points system. The League is for ages 12yrs and under and is always very competitive and exciting for the youngsters. Although held over one gala, the Senior League is similarly important as this continues the Team Competition where individual events and team relay events are of equal importance to the swimmers taking part. The effort the swimmers put in when they are swimming for team mates in relays can always be seen.  

In 2008, the Welsh National League was formed for competition involving all the clubs in both the North and South of Wales. All other Leagues were asked to disband and be involved in the League of Wales. In the North East of Wales, we decided to form the North East Wales Swimming Association to keep alive the local competition for the clubs, all be it as friendly galas organised by the five clubs of Buckley, Connah’s Quay, Flint, Mold and Wrexham. This proved to be a wise decision by the clubs as in 2009 the Welsh National League was wound up after being only in existence for such a short time.

In 2010, the ECL was resumed and this is why we are all here to enjoy the 2019 Championships. All the clubs in ECL are trying their hardest to make sure it goes from strength to strength. Your help as parents is always needed and if you would like to help the League, get in touch with your club and get information on how to become a delegate, an official or volunteer.

ECL Championships - October 2019

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