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Wrexham SC is a competitive swimming club and actively encourages members to enter galas regularly. Galas are a fun and social experience and help develop team spirit within the club. Swimming is one of the most competitive sports in the UK. Please try to bear in mind you child’s age, experience and stage of physical development as these will all have a big impact on performance.

In the younger age groups the difference in times can be significant. Focusing on enjoying the experience and achieving personal best times is far more productive than worrying about medals.

As you settle into training and progress through the age groups the gaps tend to narrow and hard work and effort are rewarded. Progression through the club is through attendance and attitude at training and galas.

When are the galas?

There are a series of galas throughout the year. Check the Fixtures page for details of upcoming meets. 

Types of Galas & Open Meets

The club competes in Team Galas & Open Meets which are appropriate to different levels within the club:

Team Galas

  • These take place during the afternoon/evening and the team will be selected by the coaching staff.

Open Meets These take place throughout the year and include:

  • Junior or Development Galas are open to everyone, even if you don’t have time. There is often an upper cut-off limit (excluding faster swimmers to encourage the less experienced swimmers).
  • Level 2 or higher galas in England & Wales require a qualifying time – you cannot enter without one.
  • Wrexham SC hosted Meets – held at Waterworld (4 per year) for different levels within the club.
  • Swim Wales Regional & National Meets – these are the major meets in the year where we compete against the rest of North Wales, Wales or the UK. These meets carry qualifying times.

Which galas should I enter?

The competition calendar included in the Squad Handbook highlights which meets are aimed at which swimmers, Gala & Open Meet Information.

How do I enter?

The Club Gala Entry Secretary sends out an email advising a gala will be opened up on Swim Manager. You will then get a notification via Swim Manager on how to enter the meet. If you receive this email, then you are encouraged to attend.

Guidance notes on how to enter a Meet on Swim Manager are included here.

There are strict deadlines to enable all the entries to be processed in time. You need to ensure both the entry and full payment has been transferred to Wrexham Swimming Club before the deadline to ensure your entry is processed.

What races should I enter?

Swimmers are encouraged to enter a variety of different events and distances to gain experience. If you are unsure what is appropriate speak to your coach. It can be a long day for just 1 or 2 events so it’s worth considering giving several a go to make the day more worthwhile.

How do I check my entry has been accepted?

The Gala Entry Secretary will post a list of confirmed entries will be emailed out and posted onto the Club's Facebook page after the closing date. It is essential that you check these to avoid disappointment. Any errors made by the club will be corrected if identified promptly.


The week before the gala details of the warm up times and any special arrangements will be emailed out and posted on Facebook. 

Gala Day

Most galas are split into 3 sessions – morning, afternoon and evening. Check on the entry form which races and sessions you are in. Each session will have a separate warm-up time before racing starts. This is the time you need to be ready on poolside. The coach will run the warm-up session and advise swimmers what they need to do.

There will be Wrexham team managers supervising your children on race day. They are responsible for ensuring that swimmers are sent to marshalling at the appropriate time. However, please ensure your swimmer knows which races they are doing so they can also listen out for their names. In some galas there can be as many as 100 children to get to the right place at the right time!!!

The swimmers will then have a quick briefing with the coach, and will go down to the Marshalling area. Swimmers will then be grouped into their heat, and be told their lane number. It is very important at this stage that the swimmers listen out to the advice given. If your child is unsure at any time, they should go and speak to one of the team managers or the marshalls. 

What to bring?

On poolside you will need:

  • Towel (one for each session) 
  • WSC Poolside Top - If you don't have on a Black or Red T-shirt
  • Shorts for Poolside
  • Flip-Flops or Trainers for Poolside
  • Racing Suit / Costume/ Trunks (plus spare)
  • WSC Swim Hat (plus spare) - If you don't have one then a plain black one
  • Goggles (plus spare)
  • Plenty of healthy food and water/ soft drink for the day
    • Snacks for poolside (cereal bars, fruit, nuts/seeds, flapjacks, rice cakes, fruit bars)
    • Packed Lunch for the breaks (sandwiches, wraps, pasta, rolls etc.)
  • Tablet or book (NB: the club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage)

Medals & Results

Results are recorded during every race and posted on the walls somewhere in the swimming pool for both parents and swimmers to see. Medals are usually available to collect by swimmers once the results for each race have been finalised.

In most galas the results can also be viewed on Meet Mobile an app available on both Android and Apple devices. Times by swimmer and event can reviewed in near real time. A small charge is required to purchase this app directly from the providers. Results for Wrexham Swimmers will be posted on the club website within a week of the Gala.

Swimmers times are also recorded at


Parents and friends are able to watch the swimmers at the galas. A small charge is usually made to cover the cost of pool hire for the day and for the production of the programmes. Please be aware that the spectator area can get very warm when full of enthusiastic parents. It is also important to note that when the starting whistle is blown for each race, all parents and swimmers need to be silent so that the racers can here clearly the starting buzzer.

What else can I do?

  • Please make sure we have the correct email address for you as all meet info will be passed on via emails.
  • Keep up to date with the website, Facebook and Twitter feed for Meet info.
  • Volunteer – what better way to enjoy the excitement of gala day than to be poolside in the heat of the action? All our meets rely on volunteers.
  • Follow the coaches advice for your swimmer at meets – they are there for your child and their swimming.
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