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Conwy Meet - Process over Outcome


Conwy Autumn Meet




A fantastic weekend of racing and commitment from all those in Llandudno which saw numerous successes so early on in the season.


The focus of the weekend was to go into a full weekend meet off the back of some hard training and execute specific race strategies as we build towards the target meets around Christmas. The swimmers were looking at controlling the process over the outcome.


So many of the swimmers took this weekend as a great opportunity to learn about how they can race to their best, where their strengths and weaknesses are early season, but also as a spring board of what’s to come.


Along the way we achieved some great results due to committing to the process and executing our race plans – we were tough in the opening half on the 100m/200m events then holding our skill and nerve, and we were calm & confident through the first half of the distance events and then built to the finish.


Not all went to plan for all swimmers in all their events, though it wasn’t through lack of effort, but rather inexperience in racing with varied tactics. Some of these races resulted in great outcomes and some didn’t – however in both scenarios swimmers were very mature in their self-analysis to identify where improvements can be made as we build through the season.


One key lesson for swimmers is know their PBs – this allows discussions on race strategies to be a lot easier to understand and implement.


We now refocus and get back to the daily grind as we build towards this weekend where the goal is to now build on the lessons learnt over the past 3 weekends and further develop out race strategies and attitude to racing.


Well done to all swimmers for their efforts.




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