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Cath Ankers 2016 Report

Congratulations to all the club swimmers who competed at the 2016 Cath Ankers Meet and achieved many incredible results that we should all be proud of. The results go to show that all your hard work is paying off.


In total we had 78 swimmers racing who achieved:

  • 177 x PBs
  • 21 x Gold Medals
  • 17 x Silver Medals
  • 15 x Bronze Medals
  • 61 x 4th, 5th, 6th Medals
  • 9 x Speeding Tickets



Tom Thorpe (100m Fly), Fin Thomson (50 BR), Adam Taylor (100 IM, Fly & FC), Sadie Spencer (100 Fly), Olivia Price (100 Fly), Evie Price (50 BR), Evan Price (100 BR & FC), Leila Prendergast (100 BR), Chloe Morris (100 Fly & BC), Seren Jones (100 BC & Fly), Tyler Hughes (100 FC), Will Clayton (100 BC, Fly & FC), Ethan Benton (100 BC) & Lucy Thomson (100 IM).



Charlotte Thorpe (100 FC & 200 IM), Fin Thomson (50 FC, BC, Fly & 100 IM), Evie Price (100 IM, 50 FC & 50 BC)



Lara B, Cara B, Elsie K-W, Harry M, Ollie B-J, Jess M, Jacob C, Charlotte McG, Ruby C, Osian M, Keane G, Connor M, Tegan G, Connor N, Hannah G, Emily N, Matty H, Seth O, Jonas H, Ella O, Sam J, Ioan O, Osian J, Megan O, Ruby J, Morgan P, Freya P, Xander R, Sam S, Grace W, Katie W-D, Ellie W & Grace S.


I was also very impressed with the swimmers commitment to racing and fighting all the way to wall. We did slip up occasionally with some DQs but these we will learn from moving forward and commit to working on in training as we approach Holywell and the Summer.

Well Done Swimmers - BE PROUD



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